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Product Recalls

Rumble Drink Vanilla Maple 330ml - December 12, 2019

Rumble have been experiencing some degradation of the quality of flavour on these two production
lots, which has resulted in less than optimal drinking experience. In efforts to ensure we only have
product on the market that meets our high quality standards of taste and flavour, we would like
to initiate a product withdrawal.


To be clear, this is not a product recall. This is strictly a sensory consideration and by no means a
safety concern. We are simply refreshing with better tasting, fresher product that has not
experienced this issue.

Description: RUMBLE Nourishing Drink, Vanilla Maple 12/330ml

PSC Item SKU: 05307

UPC: 834642 000162

Best By: 07JAN2020
Best By: 13MAR2020


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