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PSC Natural Foods supports causes that benefit our local and global community. From disaster and disease relief to personal, social and environmental issues, we consider all aspects in our contribution guidelines.

Because there are so many causes that need support and our resources are limited, we have structured our donation request procedure to help us be more effective in our decision making.

We do not accept requests by phone, and except for exceptional situations, we will only make donations once per year. In the fall of each year, we will review all requests received during the year and select the organizations we will be supporting during the upcoming year.

Please email all requests for donations to, and include the following information:

  • Name of person or organization

  • Amount of donation requested

  • Nature of cause

  • Specify what the money will be used for

  • Whether or not you are a registered charity

  • If a receipt will be issued

  • Preferred payment method: ie; cheque, credit card

Charitable Donations

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