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Marketing Services

At PSC, When we list your product, we consider ourselves in partnership with you to promote and develop your line. With that motivation, we do our best to have your product widely represented amongst our clients, and ultimately to consumers.  PSC Natural Foods offers multiple marketing options to help you promote your brand to our retail partners. Including:


New Product Guide:

The first thing you will see is your product listed in our monthly "New Product Guide" this is your opportunity to tell the story behind your product to our customers. This information comes from the Supplier and/or Broker, and can include everything you believe makes your product superior. The guide is mailed out to all our retailers as well as our Sales Reps and marketing team. The guide is an important tool to introduce your new line or skus. View our latest New Product Guide on the products page.


Access to the Marketing Team and Sales Reps:

We encourage our suppliers to meet and work with our reps.  


Marketing Activities:

We can assist with in store demos; passive sampling programs, Flyer ads; in store displays; Custom customer promo programs

Pre-Order Sheets : These booking sheets are used to highlight special shipper items and deep casestack deals that you may offer to our accounts.  

You are invited to be represented in our booths at the Canadian Health Food Association's annual trade show in Vancouver.


Monthly Catalogue Updates (Electronic):

As product information often changes, each month PSC sends out an updated electronic version of our catalogue, making sure our customers have the most recent, accurate information available. Visit the products page to view our catalogue.


Monthly Specials:

Released each month, this booklet reflects your distributor promotional discounts to our retailers. Make sure your brand stands out amongst competitors by highlighting your special deal with an ad. As an added bonus, our Monthly Specials are sent via email to our customer base electronic “magazine” format and include your ad or insert at no extra cost to you. Visit the products page to view our the monthly specials.

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